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Someone asked if I can do this... think rap/poetry more. Here is my response...
I can't decide, do I continue or hide,
My verbal, literal usage is too strange and unrefined.
My flow starts slow but I can change up the tempo,
I got a little thing I call a rampant crescendo.
I'm unsure if I should continue making these rhymes and chimes,
but I know the answer comes with time-
I can't define the words to describe what's on my mind,
but at the same time I'm feeling a bit sublime.
If you want then I'll keep on going and showing these words to my friends until my skills so potent.
Maybe I should do a video and record my voice,
that's your choice, I got a bass that can leave you moist. ;)
Whoops there I go again, please excuse the vulgar.
The words are from my head, I'm feeling dizzy, can't go longer.
But if I carry on my words will only grow stronger.
So leave a comment, it's an opportunity you can't squander.
:iconizuna20:izuna20 1 2
OFF doodles :iconizuna20:izuna20 6 13
[02:32] -- lionsPride [LP] began trolling magneticFlux [MF] at 14:32 --
[02:33] LP: my troll bro
[02:33] LP: whats up?
[02:33] MF: i don+ have +ime for yoUr fUcking +elepor+er righ+ now
[02:33] MF: im bUsy and qUi+e frankly pissed +he fUck off
[02:34] LP: damn, what bit you in the ass?
[02:34] MF: wha+ bi+ me?
[02:35] MF: no+hing
[02:35] MF: a fUcking shark +ried +o
[02:36] LP: alright, sorry i asked
[02:36] MF: yoU be++er be
[02:37] MF: ive had +he shi++ies+ +ime for wha+ seems like forever
[02:38] MF: and +he las+ +hing i need +o deal wi+h is yoUr fUcking +elepor+er
[02:38] LP: ight man chill
[02:39] MF: chill?
[02:39] MF: +he bo++om of +he fUcking ocean was pre++y damn cold
[02:40] LP: yo bro
[02:41] MF: and +o make +hings wors+ +he fUcking armada is Using less me+al
[02:42] LP: that sounds terrible dude
[02:43] MF: yoUr damn righ+ i+ is
[02:43] MF: yoU know wha+
[02:44] MF: wha+!
[02:44] LP: MAGNOS!
[02:45] LP: dude take a vacation
[02:45] MF: no fUcking way
[02:47] MF: Unlike yoU
:iconizuna20:izuna20 2 25
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izuna20's Profile Picture
Leumas E. Masters
United States
I am a pretty chill guy, willing to chat bout random stuff.

Feel free to ask any questions and i'll try my best to answer them.

Anyways I am in the homestuck fandom now. :iconwh4tnowplz:
Also ive been playing a ton of League of Legends :icondravenplz:

BTW if you have pesterchum or want the link say somethin!

Famz so far:
Awesome abusive sis: :icontigerlillyhunt:
My chilled sis of the sea: :iconcolor---less:

Cool Peoplez:
Alright, im just gonna name some games i play to show my gamerness. First know i have a laptop and a 360 and i am not naming all of them... the list would be too long.
-Halo (1,2,4,ODST,Wars) <3 <3 <3 <3
-Army of Two (40th day, Devils Cartel)
-Starwars Battlefront (1,2)
-Tekken (4,5,6)
-Devil May Cry 4 <3
-Marvel vs Capcom 3 (i went on a 90 something win streak. Get on my level) <3
-Batman Arkham City
-Assassins Creed II
-Resident evil (5,6) <3
-Mortal kombat (all of the mortal kombats... all of them...)
-Gears of war (1,2,3)
-Modern warfare (2,3)

And much much more.
hello friends and food! i am here in the text to speak random nonsense yet again! Reasons being to A) get some things off my mind, and B) Have a good time! I had a design written but its hard to find, but it be kind of you to just read every line. You may know by now I am bout that action, waiting for reactions, looking forward to the main attraction, tracking all against my faction. But enough about that lets get back to the main story. sooooooo what i was hoping to bring up was the fact I am trying to learn how ta draw. I sorta want someone looking over my shoulder as I do so. Guiding me. I remember some saying they were interested but I forgot who(curse my bad memory).  But yeah, ill take any and all help please :iconkomaedahopeplz:.


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LauraChisbert Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Thank you for faving Eastern Beast Gnar!! :D I hope you enjoy my League of Legends drawings btw ^^ 
izuna20 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Yeah, np. It looks great. I kinda hope Riot goes for it, ya know?
LauraChisbert Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
Hahaha it would be nice indeed.. .xD 
MrJechgo Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Thanks for the watch ^_^
izuna20 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
my pleasure
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:iconiloveyouplz: Hi~
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it's been a while XD
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like 5ever.
But really how you doing.
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thank you for the favourite :D
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